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Spinbattle quickstart

Spinbattle was created by Papyrdraken 2011 in Berlin, inspired by the stories of the eolian. Rules for 2017:

-All contestants will use the same song to have a maximum performance skill comparability. The Audience will be able to compare apples with apples.

-All songs used during Spinbattle will be produced and copyrighted by Papyrdraken for legal reasons.

-The contestants will have complete freedom in their choreographcreativity. They can use one or multiple tools.

-Classical spinning tools are advised, but if you want to perform with two chairs, it is up to you.

-The show will be recorded and aired on Youtube.

-The winner will be approximatly announced one month after airing.

-Probably three categories of winners: most views, most likes, sponsor and critics choice award.

-Prices will be cash (50,- to 150,-Euros), sponsored equipment like tools or workshops or just honour.

-The "show" is not for commercial purposes, but to celebrate art and exchange creative cultural content within the community and torture participants and viewers with my music.

-Send your application to spinbattle/at\papyrdraken.com

First Song you will be contesting to

Coming 2018

You want to win prizes and fame with your spinning or juggling skill? Listen to the song, chose a location, record the choreography. Send the Video to Papyrdraken.

Your choreography will be linked together with contributions of other participants. The Video with the most clicks and likes after a specific Time will be rewarded with the prize.
The Point system will be announced soon. Currently the rough version will be (one view, 1 point; one like 2 points; dislike -1 point, sponsor choice 250 points, critics choice 500 points). Sponsors anyone who donates prizes higher than 75,-

Critics will be people well known in the flow and juggling community.