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December 20th 2016 I decided to be a first aid trainer.
In social media, a lot of people were reacting with fear after the incident. And this was unacceptable for me. I am proud to live in Berlin, I am proud to be german and dutch, proud to live in one of the greatest countries in the world.
Teaching not only first aid, but the whole Idea of the laws, wich protect and encourage firstaiders to act, to teach not only germans but especially all the new berlinians from other countries, that they should help when someone needs help and feel safer in germany than in other countries.

There is still a lot to be done, a lot to be taught, but germany is organized quite well when it comes to prevention of accidents and limiting damage to the injured. The Berufsgenossenschaften are often cursed at, but they do their job well, increasing the resiliance of the population.

Teaching first aid is not my job, its my 2 cents to make the world a better place. And some of my first aid course participants realize, that I don't teach first aid, but I inspire them to want to help!

First Aid

What is first aid? And why are so many people afraid of helping, when help is needed?
I will fill these pages in my spare time to try and give you valuable information and everything you might want to know about first aid.

This is not a site for EMTs or Paramedics. This is a site where I want to inspire those, who know nothing about first aid.