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The reason for life

Happiness. Really? Most choices personas make is about minimizing pain, maximizing happyness. But happyness is much too flat to define it as "the goal" in every human life. Some personas seek pain. Some personas seek danger. Might it be, that most choices are all about minimizing boredom?


Instead of going nuts to find the reason for life or to run off and do anything and everything to not be bored, maybe it is a good idea to seek questions instead. Make questions your main goal. What is your favourite food? As a baby it was pastinake. then it was spinach, then it was my pancakes, now its sushi, frenchfries and... well, you get my point. The top 10 changes, the question stays the same.

Questions = Wisedom?

"If you seek wisdome, you are wise. If you think you found it, you are a fool."
Make questions your friends who give you comfort. Make questions lead you through life. A well defined question is half the answer.

Technology and boredom

All technology of lately is all about minmizing the time you are confronted with boredom. But boredom is essential to your life. The internet and all its apps are mostly there to distract you from spending time with yourself. Contemplating, thinking, resting your mind. Make sure that every day has at least one hour of time just to yourself.

Standing Still

Standing still is very important. This is a contrast to what I quoted earlyer "do not be afraid of learning slow...", but your body has to stand still, so your mind, your personality can grow, can develop. This is very, very important. I don't care if you pray, meditate, run for a couple of miles, read a book or knit... just be with yourself for a bit.

Arts = Emotions

To Helene, my daughter:
You have seen me teach. Teach a lot of people. You were always close. You have seen them perform. They were afraid of you. Because your attention would wander as soon as they would be unsure of themselves. You would see directly, if their intentions are not focused a 100% on the task of entertaining you.

And if you looked away, their ambitions and their hopes would crumble to the dust, they perfomed on.

I would teach them heart of stone. A technique to train their resolve. Not be destracted by your distraction.
I would teach them tripple D
And I preached to avoid the three sins: tripple A

No Emotions = Boredom

All my Spinningbootcamptraining would not develop their skills as a performing artist. So I tought them to train one technique like the three beat weave 10.000. I would hope, that they would get bored and start using their common sense and use their experiance in other fields and transfer it to their performing arts. I would scold them:
Do you only have one smile? Do you only say your mothers name in one exact melody, velocity? Will you say the name of your loved one like a robot? Or will you differ it by what you feel? Now play the three beat weave slow, fast, small and big, afraid, angry, agressive, sad, happy. Stop standing there like a broken bush and use your bloody feet. You are not a lettuce, though your brain might have convinced you, that you are one. You are a performing artist and the way you move is giving me EYE CANCER. Now play the three beat weave a 1.000 times a 1.000 different ways. If you bore my children i will smack you a 1.000 different ways."

The dead fox syndrome

When I started teaching performing arts, I watched over a 1.000 you tube videos of poi, staff, dance. The thing is, you will quickly discover, that 99% are as interesting as... watching a dead fox for 1.000 minutes.

Fox excelling in being more interesting than 99% of the Poi videos on You tubeFox excelling in being more interesting than 99% of the Poi videos on You tubeSo what makes this fox so much more intersting than 99% of the poi videos? He is able to transmit an emotion. Remember that art = emotion. 
An artist is always trying to lead your emotions into a specific direction. As a perorming artist, you want to take your audience on a rollercoster ride of emotions. Telling a good story.
I know, that is very difficult and that most "performing assists" prefer sitting on their ass in stead of using their brain and more importantly their heart to create a story with music and movement to kidnap your heart for a bit.

Are you more interesting than a dead fox?

Most of you performing artist think you are. But you are not. You know a some tricks, you know some moves. You combine them and off you go to annoy other people with your broken bush style performing while you think you are a dying swan. There are some basic rules if you want to ENTERTAIN people.

Entertainment = feeling

How do you entertain people? How do you create emotions? How do you create the emotions you want your audience to feel? How to lead? To present, to move, to speak, to dance? Whatever you do, you need to practice it. Whatever you do, you need to study it. Whatever you do, you need a teacher. You need companions. You need feedback. This is true to all forms of art.
You start by studying yourself. You try out some things. You get excited. You go study masterpieces. You try to imitate them. You go look for a teacher and students. After studying some years you develop your style of doing, creating things. Work on your workflow. It is not a waste of time. Work on your daily routines. Work on your discipline.
These are things that will help you create the feelings you want others to feel. But there is one thing that is missing. Take a look